Urban & Suburban Shuttle Line


Geological and Hydrogeological Engineering
According to the engineering geology and hydrogeology conditions, the step method and the large pipe shed were adopted during the construction of the suburban line of Zhengzhou Metro to ensure the safety of the structure [12].

Single-column elevated project
Because the suburban line of Zhengzhou Metro is the first single-pillar elevated subway station in Zhengzhou, a three-dimensional finite element model is adopted. The final result shows that the main structure of the single-column elevated subway station can meet the seismic design requirements under the action of earthquake [13].
In the Zhengzhou Metro Suburb Line Project, in the structural design of the single-pillar elevated station, the station adopts the usual load and load combination methods, combination coefficients, and sub-factors of the upper building to meet the relevant requirements of the "iron regulations" [14].

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