Airport & Railway Station Shuttle Line


The new plan abandons the original maglev plan and changes to the high-speed rail EMU plan that surrounds the city, which can realize rapid intercommunication between the two airports within 50 minutes, and at the same time connect with the national high-speed rail network


China Railway Cloud Rail refers to an aerial suspended rail train system that uses lithium battery power packs as power sources or AC direct power supply and DC direct power supply mode. This is a new type of rail transit system with completely independent intellectual property rights in my country. The system adopts new energy, new materials, new design and integration of several related mature technologies.

The China Railway Cloud Rail system has advanced and reliable power drive, intelligent control, lightweight materials, weather-resistant materials, optimized vehicle design, moderate carrying capacity, low operating noise, energy saving and environmental protection, and strong endurance.

It is a new type of transportation system that will realize three-dimensional transportation connection between urban and rural areas and inter-city in the future, integrated connection of transportation hubs in central cities, and coverage of hot tourist attractions.

China Railway Cloud Rail is independently developed by China Railway Xiangjian Group, Central South University, German International Air Train Group, Sunward Intelligent and CRRC Ziyang. There are many leading technologies in the world, and it was the first to enter the field of cloud rail manufacturing in China. To create a full industrial chain model of China Railway Cloud Track throughout the country and the world.

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