What is Sky Train


Suspended monorail trains, also known as air rails or sky trains, are a light, medium-speed, medium-capacity, and low-cost new public transportation method.

The track of the empty track is above the train, and the train runs on the track beam. The maximum speed can reach 70 kilometers per hour, and the carriages are generally 3-5 sections. The carriage design is similar to that of the subway, but it is more compact and exquisite. A single carriage is 11 meters long (22 meters for the subway) and 2.4 meters wide (2.8 meters for the subway), and can accommodate 80-90 people at the same time, which is about 1/3 of the capacity of a single subway train. . Each trip has a capacity of 300-400 people, and can bear 10,000 passengers per hour. It mainly serves the passenger flow transportation in the suburbs of large cities, medium-sized cities and tourist attractions.


Compared with rail transportation such as subways, light rails, and trams, the advantages of empty rails are very obvious. First, the cost of empty rail construction is low, and the cost of the same length of empty rail is about 1/3 of that of a subway project. Secondly, the empty rails are developing upwards. The use of flower beds, isolation belts and other places in the middle of the road to build uprights will not squeeze urban roads. The area is small, and the uprights can be removed and reused, which greatly alleviates the problem of urban congestion. In addition, the climbing capacity of the empty rail is three times that of the subway, and the turning radius is only 50 meters, which is half of the subway, reducing the impact on urban construction.

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