Sightseeing Line For Tourist Attractions


In recent years, new entertainment and entertainment methods have gradually diversified. In order to meet the travel needs of the public, tourist attractions will plan different tourist routes in tourism planning and development, so as to link the entire tourist attraction and bring different travel experiences to tourists. , So how do you generally do in the design of tourist routes?

(1) Contents included in the design of tourist routes

(1) Travel route time: the total travel time and the time arrangement during the entire travel process.

(2) Destination (type and level of tourism resources, etc.): The main tourist attractions, the characteristics of the scenic spots, and the tourist destination determines the main content of tourism activities.

(3) Transportation: tourist transportation methods and tools.

(4) Board and lodging: the level of the tourist accommodation hotel or guesthouse, the standard of the guest room, the type and standard of catering.

(5) Activity arrangement: The core and key content of tourism route design. The arrangement of tourism activities directly affects the attraction of tourist routes to tourists.

(6) Services: reception and tour guide services.

(7) Price: Generally speaking, it is a relatively general price.

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