Design Theory


Suspended new energy air train system, the track is above the train, supported by steel or cement pillars in the air. It moves ground transportation to the air, and solves urban traffic problems without expanding the existing road facilities in the city. The unique design embodies the following concepts:


1. Green and environmental protection: It adopts electric drive, no exhaust gas emission, almost no noise pollution when driving, and has little impact on the building and the environment.

2. Integration and Lightweight: Changing the traditional design concepts of subway and light rail, concentrating all equipment such as road surface, track, signal, communication, sound insulation screen and so on in one track beam, reflecting its modern, intelligent and technological design. Does not block the sun, and there is no sense of depression.

3. Good compatibility. It can be integrated into the existing public transportation system and become a supplement and improvement to other transportation modes. It is an integrated, multi-level, and three-dimensional integrated transportation system for joint car rental.

Fourth, it is flexible and can be expanded with the development of the city, that is, the system can be lengthened, detachable, and movable.

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