Features & Advantages


1. High security

Traveling principle: The vehicle bogie is equipped with running wheels and guide wheels. The running mechanism is completely different from that of the steel wheel rail system. During train operation, the running wheels and guide wheels are always inside the box-shaped track beam, so there is no possibility of derailment, so it is sufficient. Ensure the operational safety of the system. In addition, it operates in the air and will not collide with other objects. It is one of the safest vehicles in the world today. The operating safety rate is almost 100% in many years of operation.
2. Green, environmental protection and low noise

The system is powered by electricity, has no exhaust emissions, and consumes power of 2.0--2.5 kWh//vehicle-kilometer, which is far less than the power consumption of other rail transit.



3. Low cost and low investment

Compared with other rail transit systems, the cost of suspended aerial trains is lower, and can be controlled to around RMB 110 million (including vehicles). The cost of repairing and updating electricity and its transmission equipment and facilities, as well as daily maintenance costs, and labor costs are lower than other rail transportation methods.

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